T.E.I.N. since 2013, ideated and created in between Europe and Asia by the Italian visual artist Martin Dee.

East meets West in both content, graphics and in its actual production, since the collection is produced between Italy and Asia.

The tees’ graphics are related to the merger of the abuse of Internet pop culture and to the overlapping of images,mixed with the search for spirituality and the Asian psychedelic colors.

The collection is the result of Martin’s personal and cultural background: from the NURAVE to the Swag, cyberpunk, the New Yorker “Clubkids” movement of the early ‘90s, from the web culture to the symbolic aspects of pop culture, from the KFC and the junk food to the Asian world. Tumblr generation, internet raving kawaii and hardcore beats. The project starts with the collection 10 t-shirts, but the new collection – made of basket tank dresses , oversize jumpers and all over printed suits in TEIN style is called WICCAN WI-FI and is inspired by the relationship between the magic and internet. Using graphics as icons and icons as graphics, it is possible to create an affordable and a straightforward clothing.

The End Is Near – TEIN – aims to be sarcastic and irreverent both in its name and style: it deals with the evolution, reflected not only in what we are but also in what we wear. We prefer the URL than the IRL. Fashion is just connectivity.

edited by @msnina

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